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Posted on 01.19.16 in News by MK Asante

Breakfast Club Interview

I recently went on The Breakfast Club to discuss my memoir Buck and the accompanying album, the Buck: Original Book Soundtrack.

5 responses to “Breakfast Club Interview”

  1. J. Styles says:

    Great interview!

  2. A. Jordan says:

    Great mind! Really digging your message and approach. Education is key but education that works! Bigup!

  3. Mosa Lucky Khuzwayo says:

    Young Buck! You killed it, well informed and simplified. #Inpired #ObservationVsObligation

  4. shantelle says:

    M.k. asante.

  5. Ambrose says:

    Shoutout Breakfast Club for putting a real dude on the show. Yo MK, I’m looking forward to the chat you’re hosting this weekend with my Bay View kids here in Milwaukee. #youngbuck #buckwild #buckshot #buck

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