5 responses to “Photos”

  1. An inspiring dude. Keep it up sir!

  2. Leon Clarke says:

    Keep up the Great Work…Motivating the World to open up their Minds and Hearts!!!

  3. Doug Thomas says:

    I heard that you was coming to the college that I attend. (Frederick Community College) So I looked up your Bio. I’ve done order your book to read and have sent a copy to my boyfriend in prison. I believe that you are going to give me a lot of inspiration and motivation. Hope that he can relate to you because he has the same kind of back ground as you. Can wait to meet you!

  4. KelDanette says:

    I missed the opportunity in meeting you at San Diego Mesa College this month. However, after conintuing my homework assgnments for My Prof. Paula Johnson, Im elated to learn that the movie Buck is on it’s way. I will definitely check it out.

    Good luck in all of your endevors.

  5. Juanita Jones says:

    Inspired by your story aired on NPR news Radio. What an awesome story! My son n you have similar experiences, in fact I emailed your website to him for inspiration. I loved when you said, ” the universe is your teacher “. God bless you and may you continue to soar.

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