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Posted on 03.06.14 in Buck, Hip Hop by MK Asante

[LISTEN] The Buck Radio Series hosted by Michael Eric Dyson

Produced by New Visions New Voices for Public Radio, The Buck Radio Series is a 24-part audio series hosted by Georgetown Professor/Author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson which explores the themes addressed in the award-winning memoir BUCK by MK Asante.

Each episode includes a dramatic reading and an artistic component addressing issues of education, the arts, family/community. Fresh, edgy, dynamic, and groundbreaking, the Buck series is an inspiring tribute to the power of art and the human spirit of triumph, where success often comes only through travails.

Education // Art // Hip-Hop // Mental Health // Faith // Family







2 responses to “[LISTEN] The Buck Radio Series hosted by Michael Eric Dyson”

  1. St. Idea says:

    This is special. Great to hear the intergenerational dialogue and “flow” between you two. Great for teachers!

  2. Tiffany W says:

    Wow, this is a treasure chest! Thank U sir

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