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Posted on 01.24.14 in News by MK Asante

Freestyle Cipher w/ Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Epic. Me and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson freestyling in DC. What an honor to cipher with a great mind and dope emcee too. My favorite line of his: “How many children have been Taylor Swifted? / Denied shit they deserve yet they’re gifted.” Me and Dyson hooked up to record the Buck radio conversation series when this impromptu session sparked off. We rhymed for like 45 minutes, straight a cappella, but here’s the edited down version w/ some instrumentals added :

Order BUCK, the memoir that set this cipher off, HERE:


Here’s some info about the BUCK series:

The Buck Series is a 24-part audio series narrated by award-winning filmmaker, author, and professor, MK Asante exploring themes addressed in his critically acclaimed memoir, Buck.  Each three-minute segment includes a dramatic reading and an artistic component addressing issues of education, the arts, family/community, hip-hop, mental health, and faith; and features the inimitable Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.  Fresh, edgy, dynamic, and groundbreaking, the Buck series is an inspiring tribute to the power of art and the human spirit of triumph, where success often comes only through travails.