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Posted on 03.14.15 in Music, News by MK Asante

Buck: Original Book Soundtrack – Track list + Artwork

Buck: Original Book Soundtrack (free download avail May 13, 2015)
New Music from MK Asante, inspired by his bestselling memoir BUCK
Featuring King Mez, Maya Angelou, Talib Kweli, Amiri Baraka & Uzi
Production by J Dilla, Chris Noxx, Madlib & Commissioner Gordon



  1. Intro [Prod by Stevie Wonder]
  2. Young Bucks (Feat. King Mez) [Prod by Commissioner Gordon & J-Mac]
  3. The Bulletin (Feat. Uzi) (Intro: 2Pac) [Prod by Faze Miyake]
  4. Hungry & Foolish [Prod by Lee Steffen]
  5. Blank Page [Prod by Madlib]
  6. Buck Shots (Feat Uzi) (Intro: Min. Louis Farrakhan) [Prod by King Mez]
  7. Godz N The Hood (Feat Bishop Lamont, Ras Kass, Talib Kweli) [Prod by Chris Noxx]
  8. Oh Bitch You Weary (Feat Amiri Baraka) [Prod by J Dilla]
  9. Blood in My Eye [Prod by Chris Noxx]
  10. My Victory (Feat. Maya Angelou) [Prod by J Dilla]
  11. Wanderlust [Prod by Commissioner Gordon]
  12. Outro [Wonderful] [Prod by Commissioner Gordon]