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Posted on 07.11.13 in News by MK Asante

Africa Tour PT 2 – Botswana in Photos

This is the second of three photo essays I’ll be posting about my recent tour in Africa. As a recipient of the U.S. Speaker and Specialist Grant, I traveled to Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland to perform, teach, collaborate, and inspire. Throughout my journey across southern Africa, I met some amazing people and witnessed beautiful scenes. Here’s a window into my experience in Botswana:

Botswana---Boy-Smiling“Glowing at Sunset” – Boy poses outside of Lobatse Stadium after the Botswana VS Ethiopia soccer game

BOTS-Landscape“Puma” – View from my hotel room

Botswana---Dog-Training“Training Day” – Man trains dog

Botswana---Goats“Greatest of All Time” – Goats running in Ramotswa

Botswana---Group“Vision” – Filmmaker’s Workshop group works on scene in the parking lot of the Maharaja Conference Center

Botswana---Gun-in-Trees“War Tree” – Machine gun statue among the trees (anybody know the story on this?)

Botswana---Mall“Afropolitan” – Rail Park Mall

Botswana---Man-in-Turquoise“Yo!” – In front of Rail Park Mall

Botswana---MK-and-Yoho-Director“One” – With Vuysile Otukile, Executive Director of  Youth Health Organization (YOHO)

Botswana---MK-Graffiti“African Graffiti” – Got lost and found this

Botswana---Shooting-Train-Tracks“Afro Ingenuity” – Workshop group using a mic attached to tree branch as a boom pole

BOTS-Stage“Live from GWest” – Performing/speaking at Gwest

Botswana---Soccer-Game“Blue & White” – Inside of Laboste Stadium at the Botswana VS Ethiopia soccer game (Ethiopia won) / Shout out to Zebras team sponsor All Kasi for the hometeam gear

Botswana---Tree-Blue-Sky“Sky Branch – Tree in Ramotswa

BOTS-Bball“Ballin” – Basketball at GWest

BOTS-Car-filming   “Action!” – My students shooting a sceneBOTS-Mel-D“Raw Talent” – Mel D performing at the workshop

BOTS-street-vendor“We Wear the Mask” – Vendor on his grind

BOTS-Bballgroup“Post-Game” – After I won a game of 21

BOTS-kidsiphone “Joy” – With the Kids in GWest