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Posted on 11.26.12 in Photography by MK Asante

Photos: Random House (NYC)

New York photographer Will Manning captured these photos in the lobby of Random House after a meeting with my editor. I love how the books glow in the background. That cover I’m holding is one of the early concepts for Buck. What do you think?

Photo by Will Manning
Photo by Will Manning
Photo by Will Manning


5 responses to “Photos: Random House (NYC)”

  1. young buck says:

    they better make some room on those shelves for BUCK

  2. Kelene Blake says:

    I tend to prefer simple covers. Not distracting, I like. The version with the city in the background is poignant I think.

  3. Sagirah Wheeler says:

    I believe having the simple cover could really shed light to the reader that it is not always about the cover. The title alone would make a good reader think and wonder of the stories that could be in the book.

    Your pictures are great and in its’ self able to tell a story.

  4. Stussy One says:


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