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Posted on 10.15.13 in Events, Music by MK Asante

Live Wire! [photos + audio]

Photo: Jennie Baker

I was recently on Live Wire Radio, a variety show recorded in front of a live audience in Portland, Oregon. This was a special episode in connection with the Wordstock Festival. It was the first time I did a reading of Buck with a live band backing me up. I loved the music behind me and that’s what the Buck soundtrack is going to be: a union between music and literature. Photos and audio of my segment below (let me know what you think?):

Photo: Jennie Baker
Photo: Jennie Baker
Photo: Jennie Baker
Photo: Jennie Baker
Photo: Jennie Baker

One response to “Live Wire! [photos + audio]”

  1. Dakota Luv says:

    So cool!! Love yr voice and the band backing u sounds amazing!

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