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Posted on 01.22.13 in Events, News by MK Asante

MK in the Boston Globe + Suffolk Univ Pics

I was recently featured in the Boston Globe in an article called “MK Asante has a special day at Suffolk” about my keynote talk for the Suffolk University MLK luncheon. You can read the article Here:

“Author, poet, filmmaker, and music industry critic M.K. Asante was the special guest at Suffolk University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon held at the Holiday Inn Boston at Beacon Hill Tuesday afternoon. Asante directed “The Black Candle,” which he worked on with Maya Angelou. He’s also a tenured professor of creative writing and film in the English and Language Arts Department at Morgan State University.” Read full story

And here are some photos from the event:

Photo by Dan McHugh
Photo by Dan McHugh
Photo by Dan McHugh