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Posted on 07.25.13 in Hip Hop, Music by MK Asante

Godz N The Hood Music Video – Behind the Scenes Photos

Recently directed my first music video for my my first song “Godz N The Hood” by Ras Kass, Bishop Lamont, and Talib Kweli. Here’s the audio:

The video will be up soon, but for now, check out the behind-the-scenes shots (mostly taken by C Sik):MK Asante with film slate“Action” – Setting up, bout to shoot my first music video

kweli-rapping“Brooklyn Go Hard” – Talib Kweli rapping his verse

Bishop-Brandon-Ras“Brothers” – Bishop Lamont, Brandon Schultz, and Ras Kass

MK-Asante-on-set“My View” – Watching Bishop Lamont perform through the smoke

theset“Glow” –  A projector projecting images onto as we perform

schultz-smiling“Craft Love” – Co-director and cinematographer Brandon Schultz feelin it

bts5  “Sun Set” – Watching it go down

bts-2“Fierce” – Dancer Ariana Helene killing it

bts4“Under the Hood” – In honor of Trayvon Martin

bts3“The Engine Near” – Bishop Lamont, C Sik (engineer of “Godz”), and Ras Kass

bts8Buck – Ras holds an advance copy of Buck (order yours here)

bts7“Razzy” – MK Asante with a flow job

bts6“Vibing” – Me and Brandon Schultz synergizing