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Posted on 01.02.14 in Hip Hop, Music, News by MK Asante

New Music: The Color Grey

Ras Kass, MK Asante, and Bishop Lamont performing at the LA Library [ALOUD]
New track called “The Color Grey” from Bishop Lamont’s new mixtape: The (P)Reformation. My verse is 3rd. Peep the lyrics:

Uptown with the sunrise
George Jackson, Blood in My Eye
Make the sun cry, School of Hard Knock alumni
On some other shit like boardin the Mothership
Shelf ya speech, nah, we don’t do Governments
Kill the ads, death to fake governance
Send Congress to the same place my brother went
Chain gang, hell bound, state penitent
Killadel, Pistovane, yeah we militant
Nobody break up fights, too busy filming it
Fiends nod to beats of despair, feeling it
City ice cold but still ain’t got no chill in it
Old heads shakin they heads in bewilderment
At young bucks goin buck wild in the wilderness
Survival mode, hackers living by code,
Taxes tap into phones, kids dying by drones
I spark a Rello, inhale the scene, and pen a poem
About this smart project teen all on her own
Labeled less, just cause she ain’t got no home
Told her ‘keep ya head up, beloved, claim ya throne’